Miles and Days (VAN SONG)

by The New Diet



out now as the B-side to a 7" split with the binary marketing show on Already Dead Tapes & Records


listen to the A side here:


we walked for miles and days
followed by birds, swallowed by haze
nothing surrounds us
there's no one to call
the earth is our canvas
ready to fall

frozen bones inside my skin
we scraped the frost and fought the cringe
what am i supposed to do?
but slowly be numbed, slowly be numbed

squint your eyes to see the land
through the dark, well guess again
broke down on the side of the road
will you open the door? just open the door

in the back of every van
there's a child that just began
with a smile and an overcoat
in the back, in the back

drop the drapes around your head
to block the sounds, your'e feeling dead
ease your thoughts and send them off
you're upside down, you're upside down
it seems like the only way out now
is up and through the sound

rockin on the boat now
rock the boat
rock the boat now


released May 28, 2012
written and performed by the New Diet. anthony focareto, dillon kelley, adrian serrano, jorge uribe galvan

recorded live in a basement with Matt Wenzel and his Tascam 388 in February of 2012



all rights reserved


The New Diet Chicago, Illinois

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