COMMON COLD cassette

by The New Diet

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Recorded at Casa Donde in sunny July with Matt Wenzel on reel to reel tape.

Released on Manic Static Tapes 11/27/2011


released November 27, 2011

All songs written by New Diet

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Wenzel

Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


The New Diet Chicago, Illinois

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who am I? I never saw this coming
who are you? I plugged it in the wall
you're dripping down, seeing the tables turn
i'm running around, hoping for the best

Where was I when you came back?
The keys are in the car again
nowhere, no there not
nowhere! nowhere!

I'm crawling out your skin
Scattered through the dark
We're coming around that bend
Lookin' for that park
Lookin' for that park
Lookin' for that park
Lookin' for that park! Smart! park! smart!

I finally recognize you

Who am I? I never saw this coming
Well, everything you say is a frozen lake
Where a city lies beneath
and that's where I been stayin'
And if the holy ghost is in my room
Then it's just me and you and the rolling tomb
That never rolls away

Oh, it's the common cold that never goes away

Everything we talked about was exactly what I wanted
Oh you can bring it to your knees
if you're gonna beg pretty please
And if the song and dance are in my hands
then it's just me and myself and the lions den
but I could lie too

Oh, it's the common cold that never goes away
Track Name: HOW'D YA DO IT?
How'dya do it
How did ya do it
How did you hunt for days
without a word,
killing the beast,
flying the bird
How'd ya do it?
How did you conquer the heads
that fed you for dead
barely alive,
you're turning red
How'd ya do it?
I've been standing around
wondering how
I'll get along by myself
But I can't do it,
no I can't do it.
How'd you become the man
that you are now,
I'm wondering how,
I'm wondering now,
how'd ya do it?
Track Name: MAGIC
Go with the wind,
with the magic,
let it sweep you up
and beat you down,
when you give it up
and you fizzle out.

the good ones
for a deeper dive.
You're smarter man.
I knew you, I beg you

Go save yourself.
Whisper to the wind,
can you listen?
Go arrange yourself.
Better off than dead,
can you take this?

So sorry I beg you.
Decisions, decisions.
It's killing you and folding us.
It's building up, you're crumbling.
You can do it.
We've seen it before,
let's see you bend,
you're a master.
So fuck it.
Let's pour it out.
It's magic man,
it's all of us.
Lost in a web of maps,
searching for routes to your monument.
Bobbing your head in the setting sun,
singing along to what could have been.

Don't hold your breath waiting for air to hit your chest.
There's no apologies excusing the lies.
The absence you choose is the darkest of skies.

Leave your wishful thinking back on shore,
and forget about what you deserve and
Let your soul sink to the ocean floor,
and forget about what you adore.

Don't count on your bets,
sure as the ocean will break your back.
There's no apologies excusing the lies,
the absence you choose is the darkest of skies.

Where's your conscience?
There's no apologies.